Building self confidence is critical to living a happy and successful life. Most people, struggle with their self confidence in more than a few aspects of their life -- and if that describes you then it's almost certainly holding you back. Change your life by following these 8 steps to building self confidence. Continue reading
If you want to build laser focus, eliminating distractions is where to start. In today's world, incessant distraction is generally the norm. Multi-tasking at work, email, texting, dropping the kids off at school, figuring out the car pool schedule, what to make for dinner ... distractions are everywhere. Follow these 9 steps to eliminating distractions and developing laser focus. Continue reading
There are a number of simple, yet surprising ways you can help maximize your immunity and give your immune system a boost. Your immune system has a big job to do fighting off germs, environmental toxins, and other threats. Wouldn't you like to give it a hand to make its work easier? Here are 14 surprising ways to give your immune system a boost. Continue reading
How would you like to advance your career guaranteed? It's easier than you might think and only takes a little bit of extra effort on your part. Before you scoff at the notion, take the time to read the rest of this post to discover how. Continue reading
Plain and simple, superfoods are good for you. It only stands to reason that you want to find more ways to sneak superfoods into your diet -- superfoods and healthy eating will benefit your health. Here are 12 ways to sneak more superfoods into your diet. Continue reading
If you're like most people, you probably haven't spent much time or effort discovering your true talents and skills. It's sad because in all likelihood you have talents and skills that you haven't nurtured and which, if you did spend time developing and improving them, would greatly enhance your enjoyment and self fulfillment in life. Here are 11 strategies to help you find your hidden talents and skills. Continue reading

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