Work, particularly as a professional, can quickly become all consuming ... leaving little time nor room for friends outside work. This tends to be a common occupational hazard for busy professionals which is neither healthy nor necessary. Here are some essential tips for developing relationships outside the office. Continue reading
Effective speaking, regardless of the scenario, helps build trust and authority and so it should come as no surprise that learning to speak dynamically is a key life skill that will help you prosper. Effective speaking is a skill you can develop -- it isn't something you need to be born with. Let's examine 3 different categories of effective speaking and simple tips you can follow to become a more effective and dynamic speaker. Continue reading
Daily affirmation - It is important to have a sense of community. Utilize this powerful affirmation and accompanying self reflection questions to discover more about yourself and remove barriers to success. Free PDF download. What are you waiting for? Complete the self reflection exercise now. ;-) Continue reading
Would you rather live your life as the leader, or a victim? Approaching life with a victim mentality only leads to anger and frustration. Here are 5 ways to let go of your victim mentality and gain new power over your life. A mentor once told me, "You only have power over your life when you accept responsibility for everything -- including the weather! Otherwise, you're just a victim." Is a victim mentality keeping you from living to your full potential? Continue reading
If you work out regularly, you already know that your post workout recovery routine impacts how you feel and how able you are to bounce back with high energy for your next workout. With that in mind, today let's discuss some simple ways you can ensure you are following the healthiest post-workout recovery routine. Continue reading

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