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Beyond Freedom Evolution Personal Development Program – What is Beyond Freedom?

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Here is my Beyond Freedom Evolution program review.

Amazingly, even though we have not been distributors of the Beyond Freedom Evolution program since 2010, we still get a ton of search engine visitors to this page.

In case you don’t have the background, the original Beyond Freedom Program was a 90 day multi-media, home study personal development program created by Liberty League International, which was the predecessor of of Polaris Media Group. This program is no longer available and has been replaced by a new curriculum called Beyond Freedom Evolution, which consists of a series of 3 consecutive 90 self study programs.

The remaining information on this page is based on our experience with the original program, but should still give you a sense of what you might expect to get out of Beyond Freedom Evolution. Just remember, the nature of any self study program is such that you will get out of it what you put into it … nothing more; nothing less.

NOTE: Since our original review of the Beyond Freedom program, we are no longer distributors of the program. This review of the original Beyond Freedom program is of the home study course itself, not the income opportunity attached to it. The opinions expressed are our own, based on our own experience working with the program


As avid users of the Beyond Freedom program since 2005, my husband and I have put together this page to assist you in getting the information you need in order to determine whether or not Beyond Freedom or its successor Beyond Freedom Evolution can work for you.

As I mentioned, we’ve been users of Beyond Freedom since 2005. We came across the program in January of that year, chose to purchase the program, and began to apply its teachings to our lives.

Beyond Freedom Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s my take on the questions we’re guessing you have about Beyond Freedom.

What is Beyond Freedom?
Does Beyond Freedom work?
Do people really buy Beyond Freedom?
How long before I see results from studying Beyond Freedom?
Can my partner or spouse use Beyond Freedom?
What areas of my life can Beyond Freedom help me improve?

What is Beyond Freedom?

As we already mentioned, the original Beyond Freedom Program is a multi-media, home study personal development program created by Liberty League International. It has now been replaced with a 3 course curriculum, with which we have no direct experience.

Beyond Freedom is an introspective approach to learning more about yourself. It has daily exercises and listening material specifically designed to help you ask the right questions to enable you to uncover and dislodge internal blocks you have that are preventing you from  better enjoying your life.

You can work at your own pace and also follow along with a weekly group of people by plugging into one of the many community calls.

Beyond Freedom also has a journal system that is original in its design. You will find it very useful as you progress through the program and in fact it will become an essential part of your daily personal development repertoire.

The Lifetime Achievement Goal Achievement cards also are included and goal setting is another important part of Beyond Freedom.

Strongly influenced by many of the masters of the personal development movement, such as Bob Proctor, the Beyond Freedom program ultimately teaches you how to manage your life better.

Does Beyond Freedom really work?

The Beyond Freedom home study program really does work, but it is like taking a shower –- you can’t just have one shower and expect to be clean for the rest of your life.

The Beyond Freedom program works through repetition and the repetition is key. The program works because it helps you to keep up with yourself. You are going to be developing yourself each and every day and this is a daily program to use each day of your life.

All aspects of the Beyond Freedom program can address your day to day life, whether at home, at work, or at play. So don’t slip backwards; if you are going to invest in this program, it’s up to you to follow the program daily — it can’t help you if it sits in a box on the shelf!

Do people really buy Beyond Freedom?

Yes, people really buy Beyond Freedom.

This is a stand alone curriculum that you cannot buy on store shelves. It is essentially a set of 3 self study 90 day life coaching programs: Departure, Decision, and Action. For the fraction of the cost of a life coach, and which you can continue to revisit over and over. Now as a caveat, you also don’t get the one-on-one interaction that you would get with a life coach. If that’s something you are after, then you are better advised to engage a real life coach.

If you are serious about your self improvement, and are willing to apply the principles of Beyond Freedom daily, you will see your life transform. If you are not willing to apply it daily, then you should save yourself the money.

How long before I see results from studying Beyond Freedom?

The results you see from studying Beyond Freedom depend on you, but we’ve heard from many people who tell us they see results their very first day. It is a series of 90 day programs but may take you longer or shorter to go through each exercise and session. Once you finish, re-start the program again and now notice new changes that the program reveals.

Beyond Freedom is about developing a new mindset, and the results you experience are reflected in the shift in your mindset.

So the results depend upon you. With consistent study of your Beyond Freedom program, your outlook will shift and you will look at each and every day as a fresh start to your life. It is very powerful.

Can my partner or spouse use Beyond Freedom?

You get one Beyond Freedom package, so you will have to share. 🙂 There are audio CDs that go along with the lessons and exercises, so one person can listen while the other studies the workbook. If you commute or drive together in the car, you can both listen to it and it can be even more fun that way!

You spouse can use it. Your kids can use it. Your friends can use it. Indeed, anyone can use it.

It is a program that teaches you principles to apply every day to manage your life better. That carries over into all aspects of your life, your relationships, your business, and your vision.

What areas of my life can Beyond Freedom help me improve?

You are focusing on learning about yourself when using Beyond Freedom and you can use it to learn how to improve any area in your life you choose to focus on.

I’ve found that it has been very helpful in my personal life as well as my business. My interactions with people from all walks of life have greatly improved. I’ve noticed many different aspects of my life improve.

Even as a parent with kids, it has been invaluable for me in my relationship with my teenager. You can use Beyond Freedom to help you improve any area of your life, such as your relationships, your finances, your life direction, your career, your self esteem … any area that’s important to you to focus on.

Final Thoughts On Beyond Freedom

I sincerely hope this overview has helped you get a better sense of the Beyond Freedom Evolution program. It was based on our personal experience using the program ourselves. As I mentioned at the outset, we are no longer distributors and are in no way involved with Polaris Media Group.


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