Law of Attraction, A Simple Way to Raise Your Vibration

By law of attraction, when you raise your vibration, you begin to attract more of what you want. This is the key to utilizing law of attraction in a deliberate way. Given that, what then is an easy way for you to raise your vibration in order to start attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t?

law of attraction, Raisng your vibration is simple -- really!
Perhaps the simplest way to raise your vibration and use law of attraction more effectively is to “be the leader” in your own life.

When you choose to be the leader, you automatically raise your vibration.

What then, does choosing to be the leader mean?

Well, in my book, being the leader means doing what you say you intend to do. Lets look at a really simple example.

If you intend to do 50 pushups in the morning and you actually do them, you have chosen to be the leader in that moment. If you skip them, then you have chosen to be the victim.

End of story.

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But an interesting thing happens when you follow through with your intention. You begin to feel better about yourself. You are in integrity with who you intended to be. As a result, your vibration can’t help but increase. You may also notice that the opposite happens when you are out of integrity.

Now, because you are in integrity with your intention, you are much more likely to want to follow through with your next intention. Once you do that, you suddenly have created momentum. With momentum, you begin to attract amazing things<.

This is so deceptively simple, yet it’s where most people so often miss the point.

You can begin being the leader of yourself immediately — right now — regardless of where you are, where you have been, or what is going on around you. Simply set an intention for yourself in the next few minutes, write it down, declare it, and then do it. Then repeat the process.

Do this over and over as many times as you can throughout the day and you will feel like a completely different person by the end of the day. Then watch what begins to show up in your life because now that you’ve chosen to be the leader and stay in integrity with yourself, you’ve begun to raise your vibration in a very deliberate, profound fashion. Now the universe must begin to open up to you and reflect back the results of the leader you have become.

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5 thoughts on “Law of Attraction, A Simple Way to Raise Your Vibration

  1. Thank you, Warren! This article really spoke to me and I wanted to say how much I appreciate your articles and your web site in general. You and Michelle are truly providing a gift to the world with this site. 🙂

    1. @Marla. Thanks for the comments. We appreciate your kind words and we are happy that this article helps.

  2. It’s funny you show a picture of children as children are packages of energy and just being around them I find is a very simple way of raising your vibration. That is, your own children or children you know.

    1. @Richard. You are so right. And I find so often it’s our kids that teach us the most profound lessons. Our youngest is the epitome of high vibration!

  3. Yes,..Thank you for this -very concise -very logical pointer to this really effectice formula –a mechanical exercise easy to implement and remember. This is really good. Many, many thank yous!!

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