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Law of Attraction Health: Instructions You Give Your Body

We spend so much time discussing law of attraction as it pertains to learning how to manifest abundance and prosperity, but what about law of attraction as it pertains to your health — What instructions are you giving to your body?

law of attraction relationshipsYour physical body, including all your cells, is taking instructions from you.

Do you want to stay youthful? Would you like to be healthier?

Understand that your body is listening to your thoughts about what you tell yourself.

You may hear people say, “Oh I am too old”. They have beliefs they have heard before and repeat them to themselves to their bodies … and the cells are listening.

Do you really believe that as the body ages it has to be broken down and sick? These are stories you keep telling yourself (and others) and then you do things that bring on experiences that match what they are thinking … this is
basic law of attraction
. Your body, as well as your soul, responds to kindness from your own loving and kind words and thoughts.

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It isn’t boastful to admire yourself or your body — it is nourishment in the form of positive energy.

It feels good when people send you praise and it is also beneficial for you to be aware of your own thoughts about yourself … what you tell yourself and your soul.

If you feel pain ask your body, “Why?” Was it something you ate or are you over exerting yourself? Do you sit too long? Do you tire easily?

Anything that comes up for you is a sign to ask why and get better at understanding that your body is there to help you fix the problem. It has early warning signs. These messages are there for a reason. The pain is there to tell you something is out of alignment.

For your body, start each day with kind words about how wonderful your body is and how appreciative you are that your heart is beating for you. The rhythm of your heartbeat, the sounds of your breathing … these are just small reminders of how remarkable your human body really is.

It does so much for you.

Your human body has remarkable functions that it does without you having to think about them. It processes food and drink. It fights off germs and heals your wounds.

So ensure that you thank your body each day or as often as you can for it is listening and responding to you.

For a good night sleep, instruct your body to have a restful and healing sleep before going to bed. Just say it out loud or quietly to yourself before you sleep.

Do you want to slow down the aging process? Just tell your body, “Cells, I have lots I want to accomplish here in this lifetime so can you please age every other day. Thanks.”

Have fun with this. Just remember to use common sense and seek professional advice before changing any of your medications, diet or starting an exercise program.

Remember, law of attraction is at work in all aspects of your life. So be mindful of your thoughts and enjoy being mindful of the instructions you give to your body as well as your mind.

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