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How To Attract Unlimited Abundance – Unlocking Unlimited Abundance Video

The secret to learning how to attract unlimited abundance lies in your energy field … and unlocking the energy of abundance so that it flows freely within your energy field.

The benefit of unlocking the energy of abundance is broader than simply attracting more money and wealth.

For example, the energy of abundance also flows to better, more loving relationships. According to Barbara Whitehead and David Popenoe’s “The State of Our Unions“, your risk of divorce is 30% less if you have an annual income greater than $50,000.

How to attract unlimited abundance – Christie Marie Sheldon energy clearing video

One of the energy healers I’ve come to hold great respect for is Christie Marie Sheldon.

In this video you’ll see her perform energy clearing for abundance on several of her clients. She is able to see and tap into their energy fields, and remove what she calls “Abundance Blocks”, which are sneaky, limiting subconscious thought and energy patterns that are silently sabotaging their lives.

How to Attract Unlimited Abundance – What “Abundance Blocks” are holding your back?

According to Christie Marie Sheldon, there are 25 primary Abundance Blocks in existence … and everyone is held back by at least a few of them.

It might be thoughts unconsciously implanted by your parents like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve to be successful”.

Or it may even be hidden negative attitudes or beliefs about wealth which have been cultivated by the media, your schooling, or your mentors.

Most importantly, you won’t believe what happens to these people once their Abundance Blocks have been lifted and they learn how to attract unlimited abundance into their lives.

Would you like to learn more about how to Attract Unlimited Abundance?

You can sign up to join thousands of people from across the world in an upcoming online energy clearing session with Christie: Click Here to Unlock Your Wealth Energy

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