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How to Manifest Your Goals With Visual Programming

how to manifest your dreams using visual programming

In this sixth episode of Lee Milteer’s “Untamed Success Positive TV” series, Lee takes her inspiration from Disney as an example of how and why visual programming is such a powerful manifestation technqiue.

Learn how to manifest your goals with visual programming

In her video, Lee emphasizes that pictures are much more powerful than words to help you achieve your goal.

Just like Disney uses a story board to make their movie come to life, you can use a vision board.

If you saw the film The Secret, you are likely familiar with the concept of the vision board. The idea is to place photos and images that represent your goals — for example, a beautiful house with a pool, car, money, surfing, etc. — on your vision board.

Place your board in a prominent place where you will see it often throughout your day and spend time looking at your vision board, allowing you to feel the inspiration that comes with knowing you will have those things.

This is a powerful technique because the images and photos literally help to magnetize and guide your mind to manifest your goals into reality.

Allowing your mind to see and experience your dreams is a powerful visualization technique that helps to super charge your results.

All successful people begin with far reaching dreams that create the vision of their life movie. In order for you to live life as the star of your own movie … you must learn to stop downsizing your dreams.

One of the hardest parts of success is giving yourself permission to figure out exactly what you want.

However, the great thing is that you have unlimited power in your mind to imagine … and so allow your imagination to run wild and use that as the trigger to create your vision board. That’s how to manifest your goals with visual programming.

No one gets to determine your success in life, but you.


How To Manifest Your Goals With Visual Programming Video – Watch Lee Milteer share the basics of “dreaming like Disney”



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