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How To Overcome Abundance Frustration

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Lee Carroll and Kryon offer an interesting twist on how to overcome abundance frustration

If you’re like me, you likely feel frustrated from time to time over your inability to manifest abundance.

Particularly in Western civilization, we are taught about the importance of store housing our money and building a nest egg to help us live in retirement or sustain us through emergencies.

We tend to think of abundance narrowly … primarily in financial terms.

The other day, I happened to be reading a newsletter from Lee Carroll, who is the author and channel of the Kryon books … and he had an interesting thing to say about abundance and the abundance frustration so many of us feel.

To paraphrase the message in Lee’s newsletter, abundance is not something you store up.

Rather, abundance is sustenance.

“When you view abundance as sustenance, can it help you overcome your abundance frustration?”

Do I have enough to sustain me today? That is the key and most vital question.

Kryon suggests that to be in the flow of abundance, all you really need do is have faith that the Universe will provide you what you require today.

Food, companionship, shelter, warmth … whatever you truly require.

Human nature is to wring our hands and worry about where our sustenance will come from tomorrow … and as a result want to stock up everything.

I found this perspective quite interesting because it helps re-frame our thinking.

How often have you heard that the secret to happiness is to be in the moment?

Perhaps that’s the secret to abundance too.

Rather than allow your thoughts to be preoccupied with regret over what’s happened yesterday and fear of what will happen tomorrow, what would happen if you focused on enjoying and being grateful for the sustenance you have right now?

Would it help wash your regret and fear away?

And as you get better at appreciating the sustenance you have each day, in the moment, might you discover over time that you have strengthened your belief and faith in the abundance of the Universe that is available to you?

Might you discover you are abundant?

And in discovering this, might you become even more abundant? For me, it’s an intriguing conversation with a great deal of merit. After all, you already know that abundance is a matter of mindset.

And this may be another technique with which to build a stronger abundance mindset.

What do you think?

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