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How to Quantum Leap – Should I Just Try Harder?

How to Quantum Leap with You2Let me ask you a question, have you figured out how to quantum leap in your life?

Have you staked your life on reaching your goal through raw effort and determination? 

If so, and you are finding that you’re still getting the same results no matter how much harder you try, it may be time to rethink the value of the “try harder strategy”. 

Try harder may well be  the antithesis to how to quantum leap … and the harder you try, the more remote the possibility of achieving one.


If you do not expect it, you will not find the unexpected, for it is hard to find and difficult.”

— Heraclitus, 500 B.C.



Is the answer to how to Quantum Leap to try harder, or is it to start to expect the unexpected?

I’ve found myself pondering these questions a lot lately.  Things haven’t been working out the way they were supposed to … or at least not the way I want them to … and it doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try, the results just haven’t been coming.

Do you ever feel that way?

I’ve bought into the idea that a quantum leap in life is possible and consider myself a student of the Law of Attraction.  There’s no doubt in my mind that this stuff works … but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.  Or is it?

Have you ever found yourself holding similar thoughts or frustrations?  I hope  so — not because so I want you to feel frustrated, but because I hate the idea that I’m the only person who struggles with this.

So in a moment of self reflection, I found myself drawn back to one of those books that’s been collecting dust on the shelf for quite a while and it occurred to me that maybe all this quantum leap stuff does work.  I’ve just lost sight of the correct formula for how to quantum leap.

The formula for how to Quantum Leap often feels counter intuitive to what you’ve been taught.

The book I dusted off from my bookshelf is You 2: A High Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps.

I first heard about the book from Bob Proctor, who declared it a required read at a conference I attended.

In the book it’s author Price Pritchett says that to achieve a personal quantum leap “demands a radical departure from some of your habits”.  He goes on to say, “Quantum leaps require paradoxical behavior.  Unusual moves.  Actions that on the surface often seem to contradict common sense.

According to Price Pritchett, the formula for your quantum leap is actually very simple.  Here I’m going to borrow from another of Price Pritchett’s students, David Neagle:

1. Embrace your burning desire, the thing you want the most, your passion.

2. Take the action that your passion calls you to take. If that’s not clear to you, go back to step one. Have you chosen your deepest desire? Are you totally in love with it?

3. Make sure that everything you do comes from your heart. Put all of yourself into it.

4. Open your gifts. For every talent and ability of which you are aware, there are hundreds more, waiting for you to recognize and use in the world.

5. Frame out the details of your strategy as you go, trusting your instincts and remaining flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

It occurs to me that if I’ve been trying too hard, it might be time to stop trying.  How else am I going to make the space for any new ideas.  And it might also be time to “suspend disbelief”.

When it comes down to it, I believe that disbelief (pun intended 🙂 ) has been one of the biggest villains in my lack of results.  Fundamentally, I’ve been caught up in the conventional wisdom of things and haven’t really believed that there is any alternative aside from plugging away diligently, day in and day out hoping to achieve some gradual improvement in my results.  I haven’t believed anything else is possible.  I haven’t been willing to expect the unexpected.

And I’m willing to bet that the seed of your struggle to figure out how to quantum leap in your life is your disbelief.

So I invite you to join me in the process of suspending your disbelief … and then let’s see what quantum leap is possible.

Would you like help to learn how to quantum leap?

Start with Price Pritchett’s book.

It’s a really easy read and it will inspire you with new ideas of what is possible for you.

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