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How To Reinvent Your Life

How to reinvent your life.

In this video, personal success coach and professional speaker Lee Milteer shares her thoughts about how to reinvent your life and the surprising simple technique that almost seems to work like magic.

How to Reinvent Your Life – Watch Lee Milteer share her successful life strategies for how to reinvent your life

It’s the second episode of her “Untamed Success Positive TV” series and you are going to enjoy the simplicity of this approach.


Learn how to reinvent your life using Mental Rehearsal

It is possible for you to learn how to reinvent your life using a process as simple as mental rehearsal?

There is a growing body of indisputable evidence that says “yes”.

In fact, as Lee Milteer points out, the ability to sense exactly what you want before you actually have it is one of the unique attributes of super high achievers.

This shouldn’t come as a shock. Another name for mental rehearsal is “visualization“. Visualization is used by top executives, performers and competitive athletes as a staple of their practice regimen.

Tiger Woods meticulously visualizes every stroke before hitting the golf ball. Sports psychologists employ visualization as a standard part of team and individual coaching of athletes. We now know that repetitive visualization improves muscle memory and motor skills … it translates directly to better performance.

While the modern evidence has begun to pile up, this is not new idea.

Wallace Wattles talks about the importance of a process he called “creative visualization” in his classic book The Science Getting Rich.

The truth is that anyone who wants more success can use mental rehearsal to help achieve it. However, effective mental rehearsal requires diligence and practice. It’s power comes from the repetition and the engagement of all your senses.

You literally create the reality in your mind. When you see it in your mind – every play and every move – new habits and responses gradually become second nature … and you will greatly enhance your likelihood of success.

And the use of visualization is very effective at reducing stress in particular situations because you’ve already been there in your mind.

Ultimately, creative visualization — or mental rehearsal — is the answer to how to reinvent your life and achieve the success you desire, whether your goals be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It is the simplest and most direct way of reprogramming your mind and creating new behaviors that lead to success.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

— Napoleon Hill


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