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Affirmation: I Love My Partner Exactly As She Is (Exactly As He Is)

I love my partner exactly as she is (exactly as he is).

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Daily affirmation and self reflection exercise: I love my partner exactly as she is (exactly as he is).

Each person is unique and perfect in his own way. I love my partner just as she is (or just as he is), warts and all. It is the imperfections that make people unique and special. I choose to embrace all my partner’s qualities.

Attempting to change others is futile. It is challenging enough to change myself. I am free of the need to change others. I respect each person’s right to be as they choose to be. Life is much easier this way.

I Love My Partner Exactly As She Is (Exactly As He Is) — Daily Affirmation

The more I judge others, the less happiness and peace I experience in my life.

My partner accepts me, and I accept my partner. We share a love for each other that is strong and true. My happiness grows with my acceptance. I can measure my personal growth by my ability to practice acceptance.

When I am unable to accept others, my level of happiness decreases.

Giving my partner unconditional love and acceptance unlocks the greatest parts of life.

My partner is already enough as she is. She is at her best when I accept and love her fully.

Today, I am reaffirming my love for my partner.

I love my partner exactly as he is. My heart is filled with contentment and acceptance for my partner.

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Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What do I love the most about my partner?
  2. What are a few of my flaws? How would I feel if someone rejected me because of them?
  3. How would my life change if I accepted my partner’s flaws?

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