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Affirmation: Guilt Rarely Gets in the Way of Enjoying My Blessings

Guilt rarely gets in the way of enjoying my blessings.

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Daily affirmation and self reflection exercise: Guilt rarely gets in the way of enjoying my blessings.

Each day presents many things for me to be thankful for. I acknowledge my blessings and remind myself that it is okay to enjoy them.

When I consider how wonderful my friends and family members are, I am in awe of how fortunate I am to have them. Their presence in my life deserves to be celebrated.

Guilt Rarely Gets in the Way of Enjoying My Blessings — Daily Affirmation

My employer acknowledges my efforts by giving generous rewards. Although some co-workers may miss out on the opportunity, I still embrace the gesture extended to me.

I am proud of my contribution to my organization and feel deserving of the kind recognition. Although I remain humble, I allow myself to show pride in my accomplishments.

I realize that I have little control of what comes my way. When someone chooses to extend a blessing to me, I accept it with an open heart.

It is a blessing to be in the thoughts of another person. It means that I display attributes that leave an impression.

Guilt rarely makes an appearance when I am recognized because I know that I am deserving of goodness in life.

Today, it is with happiness and joy that I embrace my blessings.

My openness to good things leads to positivity that carries me through challenging times. Even when I am unaware of the reason for the blessings, it is my duty to gladly accept them.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I be a blessing in the lives of others?
  2. How do I show my colleagues that their efforts are appreciated?
  3. How can accepting my blessings help me get through difficult times?

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