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Daily Affirmation: I Accept and Embrace All Experiences - feature image

Daily Affirmation: I Accept and Embrace All Experiences

I accept and embrace all experiences.

With the right perspective, nearly all experiences can be viewed as neutral. My perception of the situation determines whether I view it as positive or negative. When I am accepting of all experiences, life is easier to manage.

I Accept and Embrace All Experiences — Daily Affirmation

Each experience is unique and provides unique lessons. I miss out on these important lessons if I fail to embrace the experience fully.

I know that my expectations shape my experience. So I avoid the belief that life should unfold in a particular way.

Acceptance of others enhances my relationships and allows me to bond more fully with everyone around me. The separateness I sometimes feel from others melts away when I am more accepting.

I accept my life as it is today. I have goals, but I accept my current circumstances. I am free from anxiety, confusions, and regret. I am okay with life not happening according to my plans.

My new life begins each day with the rising sun.

I value all of my experiences and deal with them directly. When I fail to engage fully with negative experiences, I fail to live life fully.

Today, I am relaxing into a greater level of acceptance.

I am actively dealing with my life, but accepting everything that comes my way. I accept and embrace all experiences.

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Self-Reflection Questions

  • What am I failing to accept in my life right now? What is this attitude costing me?
  • How would my life change if I were more accepting of negative experiences and people?
  • How much time have I spent feeling bad about situations outside of my control? How can I gear my focus more toward things I can control?

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