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Affirmation: I Draw on My Inner Spiritual Warrior

I draw on my inner spiritual warrior.

I draw on my inner spiritual warrior

Daily affirmation and self reflection exercise: I draw on my inner spiritual warrior.

There is a strong warrior inside me. This warrior helps me overcome serious obstacles and destroys enemies. My spirit takes on every challenge with glee because I know I am stronger than it.

I view difficult situations as battles to win instead of bad luck or punishment.

I Draw on My Inner Spiritual Warrior — Daily Affirmation

My inner spiritual warrior fights for my future. I have the ability to shape it and mold it into my dream.

I use mindfulness to keep my inner warrior strong.

I pay attention to my life and focus on my goals. I notice the little things that lead to big challenges for my spirit. I prepare ahead of time to do battle with them.

I see each opportunity as a way to grow my spirit. Each battle tests my inner warrior. However, my spirit is stronger with each test. I see difficult people and circumstances as tests for my soul.

I use my suffering to help others. I use my inner spiritual warrior to uplift those who are ready to accept my help.

I cultivate positivity for my inner spiritual warrior, but I recognize negativity exists.

I acknowledge the dark and the light sides, so my warrior spirit is able to handle both. I allow my feelings to flow freely without hurting my spirit. I know that recognizing my emotions is part of the plan.

Today, I celebrate my inner spiritual warrior.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I keep my inner spiritual warrior strong?
  2. How can I prevent suffering and pain from wearing out my inner warrior?
  3. What can I do to cultivate spiritual warriors in my children?

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