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Affirmation: I Find Joy and Beauty in Ordinary Things

I find joy and beauty in ordinary things.

The simplest things can be the most beautiful things. Beauty surrounds me in many forms. All I need to do is open my eyes and appreciate it.

I have a special appreciation for the beauty found in nature. The most amazing colors and designs are naturally occurring. I appreciate wildlife and all it provides to the world. Waterfalls, rainbows, and mountains are just a few of the majestic things that can be found in nature.

I Find Joy and Beauty in Ordinary Things — Daily Affirmation

I can find great beauty closer to home, too. A smiling child, a playful dog, or a flower garden can be just as amazing. I easily notice and appreciate the beautiful things in my life.

I have beautiful things all around me. The humor of my funniest friend and my favorite music are beautiful to me.

Simple things can bring joy, too. A warm beverage on a cold day, playing an instrument, or curling up with a good book all bring joy to me. I have several, simple interests that lift my mood and my spirits. I am free from the need to possess expensive things or take part in expensive activities.

I find joy and beauty in the simple things.

Today, I appreciate the beauty in my life.

Even ordinary things can have great beauty. I am ready to notice and enjoy the beauty that occurs in my life.

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Self-Reflection Questions

1. What are three things I already have in my life that I find beautiful?

2. What am I missing? What else could I find beautiful?

3. Where do I find joy in my life?

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