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Daily Affirmation: I Make My Own Happiness

I make my own happiness.

Happiness is a choice. I look on the bright side. I deal with challenges and move on. I find the advantages in any situation.

I count my blessings and express my gratitude. I keep a gratitude journal. I tell others how much their kindness means to me.

I Make My Own Happiness — Daily Affirmation

I give myself a pep talk. I accept my fears, but I refuse to let them hold me back. I congratulate myself for taking risks and reaching beyond my comfort zone. I recognize my strengths and look for opportunities to use them.

I take care of my health. I go to bed on time and eat a balanced diet. I exercise regularly and manage stress.

I spend time with my loved ones. Sharing conversation, laughter, and food with my family and friends builds me up. I feel motivated and supported.

I build a spiritual community. I connect with others who share my beliefs. My prayers and meditation become more powerful when we gather together. I understand more about my purpose and how to fulfill it.

I make trade-offs. I set priorities. I fill my time with meaningful activities, and cut down on distractions that drain my time and energy. I know when to demand excellence, and when to relax.

I remember that I deserve happiness and love. I treat myself with appreciation and respect.

Today, I accept responsibility for my own happiness. I figure out what I want and go after it. I take actions that bring me joy and peace.

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Self-Reflection Questions

1. Why does acting cheerful lift my spirits?

2. Why do I sometimes hold onto things that make me sad?

3. How can I be happy during difficult times?

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