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Affirmation: I Recharge My Spirit

I recharge my spirit.

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Daily affirmation and self reflection exercise: I recharge my spirit.

I avoid feeling drained. I recharge my spirit with new energy. I renew my body and mind with fresh thoughts and ideas. I restore my health and vitality. I replenish my power with each moment.

I know that the negativity of this world affects me and drains me. However, I have the ability to recharge.

I Recharge My Spirit — Daily Affirmation

My body, spirit, and soul are filled with energy.

I avoid forces and people that sap my strength. I avoid the things that hurt my health and energy.

I use meditation, yoga, and other practices to recharge.

I surround myself with vibrant people who share their energy with me. I surround myself with new ideas, knowledge, and experiences that restore my spirit.

I pay attention to the food and drinks that enter my body. They are the fuel for my physical being. I also pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that enter my mind. They are the spiritual fuel for my soul.

I ground myself in reality and use the earth’s energy.

I enjoy nature and fresh air. They help revitalize me. I spend time with friends and family. They help restore me with their support. I enjoy each moment.

Today, I recharge my energy levels with new power.

I restore my strength and health. I refocus on the things that matter most.

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Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I recharge my spirit during times of illness?
  2. What can I do to stay energetic and vibrant when I’m around negative people?
  3. What can I do to maintain my energy levels evenly throughout the day?

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