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Affirmation: I Remove All Blockages to Happiness

I remove all blockages to happiness.

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Daily affirmation and self reflection exercise: I remove all blockages to happiness.

I eliminate the obstacles that block my path to true happiness. I get rid of the things that prevent me from joy. I know the steps I take matter as I reach happiness.

My spirit is awake with energy and joy.

I Remove All Blockages to Happiness — Daily Affirmation

My mind and body are free from pain. I easily overcome roadblocks that create misery.

I rebalance my inner goals to attain joy. I understand how to move forward, so happiness is a natural part of my life.

I avoid criticism and condemnation because they block my joy. Instead, I focus on the positive aspects of life that surround me. I avoid the negativity that blocks my path and hurts my goals.

My mind has strong and encouraging messages that lift me up.

I keep my values close to my heart and embrace them. They help me stay strong during difficult times and remind me that happiness is possible.

I show compassion and love toward others. I celebrate their wins and cheer them on. This helps increase my own joy. I support others and revel in the ability to see them find success.

Today, I remove the blockages that prevent happiness from being part of my life. Instead, I open my mind and body to true joy.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I ensure my path to happiness stays free from blockages?
  2. What can I do to maintain my happiness during challenging times?
  3. What can I do to help my family understand happiness is possible for all of us?

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