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Affirmation: I Spend Money Wisely

I spend money wisely.

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Daily affirmation and self reflection exercise: I spend money wisely.

I give myself more opportunities and stability by handling money wisely. I prioritize my expenses and live within my means.

I stick to my budget. I plan ahead for my basic needs and possible emergencies. I pay bills on time and resist overspending. I put off immediate gratification.

I Spend Money Wisely — Daily Affirmation

I consider the true value of the items that I am considering buying. I take into account more than just the price tag when I am making a purchase. I ask myself if I really need an item and how much I expect to use it.

I examine bargains. I shop around to compare prices. I remain firm in the face of sales pressure and make my own decisions.

I take care of what I have. My home and car keep more of their value when I pay for their maintenance and repairs.

I invest in myself. I buy nutritious food and high quality health care. I add to my savings on a regular basis.

I give generously to others. I treat my loved ones to thoughtful gifts and fun entertainment. I support charitable causes that I believe in.

I keep material things in perspective. I know that my self-worth is based on my inner goodness rather than the brands I wear. I find fulfillment in my faith rather than my bank account.

Today, I build up wealth by spending money responsibly.

I align my spending with my values.

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Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do my emotions affect my spending?
  2. How can I use critical thinking to help me make major purchases?
  3. Where can I find help with managing my finances?

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