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Affirmation: I Transcend All Stress

I transcend all stress.

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Daily affirmation and self reflection exercise: I transcend all stress.

Stress happens, but I rise above the stress in my life. I choose a higher path that allows me to deal with life from a stress-free zone. This skill is constantly evolving. I am becoming impervious to stress.

I am stronger than the stress in my life.

I Transcend All Stress — Daily Affirmation

When I begin to feel stress, I focus on my thoughts. Peaceful thoughts lead to a peaceful mind and body.

I can control my thoughts with ease. I recall positive memories from the past or imagine a positive future.

My thoughts lead my emotions. I am in charge of my reaction to stress.

My breathing is another way to effectively deal with stressful situations. I place my attention on taking slow, full breaths. I can literally feel the stress flowing out of my body. A great sense of relaxation comes over me.

Avoiding stress is important to my health. By transcending stress, I am tending to my emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

I deal with stress effectively and easily. I am learning to deal with stress more skillfully each day.

Today, I am approaching the day with a calm and relaxed attitude.

I avoid allowing myself to engage with stress. I am rising above the stressful situations in my life. I transcend all stress.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When am I most likely to feel stressed?
  2. How do I currently deal with stress? What are some coping strategies that would be more effective?
  3. Whom do I know that handles stress the best? What can I learn from them?

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