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Affirmation: My Home is My Oasis

My home is my oasis.

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Daily affirmation & self reflection exercise: My home is my oasis.

My home is a soothing place that allows me to relax. The furnishings, colors, and floorplan support my vision for my living arrangements. When I step through the front door, I feel as if I am stepping into an oasis.

I feel refreshed and relieved each time I enter my home.

My Home is My Oasis — Daily Affirmation

Spending time in my home energizes my creative abilities. My mind is focused and relaxed at home. This is when my mind is most capable. My ability to solve challenges is highest at home.

It can take time to create an ideal home environment. A willingness to experiment and to be honest with myself is necessary.

A home that soothes and nurtures me is different from a home that accomplishes that same goal for someone else.

I avoid trying to impress others when decorating my home.

Regardless of how challenging my day is, I know that feeling better is easy to accomplish. I feel rejuvenated the moment I enter my home.

Today, I appreciate my home for all it provides to me.

I am making a few, small tweaks to make my home even more my personal oasis.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are a few enhancements I can make to my home to make it even more physically and emotionally comfortable?
  2. What are a few changes I can make that will do the same for my family?
  3. Does my home’s location support me physically, emotionally, and spiritually? If not, what would be a better location?

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