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Affirmation: My Mind is Grounded in the Present Moment

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Daily affirmation & self reflection exercise: My mind is grounded in the present moment.

My mind is grounded in the present moment.

I keep my mind focused on the present. My life is constantly unfolding. I fail to experience my life if I allow my mind to wander to the past or the future.

I manage my imagination and use it to my advantage. My imagination is a useful tool for solving challenges or for creation. Other uses of my imagination can reduce my ability to stay focused on the present.

My Mind is Grounded in the Present Moment — Daily Affirmation

It is easy for me to keep my mind focused because my life is so interesting. I am creating a life that I love, a life that grabs my attention.

I release myself from my past.

I am free of any need to resolve the past or to spend time ruminating over past events. Today is when my life is actually occurring. I keep this in mind when my focus begins to wander.

Spending too much time thinking about the future can create anxiety. I allow the future to reveal itself when the time comes.

Today, I am making an extra effort to stay focused on the present.

I give my full attention to my current activity and avoid thoughts of the past or future. My mind is grounded in the present moment.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How much of my day is spent either daydreaming or thinking about the future or the past? What do I gain by this? What do I lose?
  2. When is my attention most likely to wander?
  3. What can I do to strengthen my ability to focus on the present for longer periods of time?

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