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What is Real Money and How is Money Created?

How well do you understand what money really is and how our monetary system actually works? This video series will enhance your understanding AND shock you.   Looking

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Why You’re Not Saving Money at The Rate You’d Like To

If you’re not saving money at the rate you’d like to, you’re not alone and your reasons for not saving money are likely pretty common.   Looking

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How to Control Impulsive Shopping: 7 Tips to Help Your Finances

If you struggle to control impulsive shopping, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from the same “affliction”. These 7 tips will help you.   Looking

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Uses for a Home Equity Loan: The Good, The Bad, and The Questionable

While there is no shortage of practical uses for a home equity loan, that doesn’t mean taking out such a loan is always a good idea. If you have equity in your

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Understanding Savings Bonds

How well do you understand savings bonds? Read this overview of savings bonds and how they work so you can decide if they have a place in your portfolio.   Looking

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Should You Sell Your Real Estate Property or Turn It Into a Rental?

when you decide you no longer need or want a real estate property, your first temptation is to sell, but is that necessarily the best option for you? Consider these

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Selling Your Home? How to Recognize a Serious Home Buyer

Selling your home is easier when you know how to spot a serious home buyer. Use these tips to recognize a home buyer who is ready to make a serious offer.   Looking

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How to Write an Effective Listing for Your Property That Stands Out

If you want to sell your house, an effective listing for your property makes it stand out. These are the critical elements to writing an effective listing.   Looking

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How Does Government Debt Affect Your Retirement?

Government debt is climbing to unprecedented levels. That’s translates to a lot of money, but what does it mean to your retirement? Well, that depends …   Looking

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Credit Union or Bank: Which Financial Institution is Better For You?

When deciding on a financial institution the choice between a credit union or bank is often murky. Here are 9 points to help make the right choice for you.   Looking

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Choosing a Financial Professional: 9 Tips to Choosing the Right Financial Professional for You

Choosing a financial professional is important and it’s surprising how often people appear to put little thought into the decision. Use these 9 tips to ensure

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How to Become a Billionaire: 8 Common Ways to Become a Billionaire

I was in conversation with a few old friends and they were joking that if you really wanted to impress people these days, you’d have to become a billionaire

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10 Personal Finance Tips That Will Change Your Perspective

Here are 10 personal finance tips that are intended to change your perspective when it comes to your outlook and your financial decisions.   Looking For Tools For

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Market Timing: 5 Reasons Why Trying to Time the Market is a Bad Idea

Market timing is an alluring concept in investing, however it is also fraught with risk Here are 5 reasons trying to time the market is a bad idea.   Looking For

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What to Look For in a Vacation Rental

Effective personal financial planning isn’t just about saving for the future, but also about about spending wisely on things you’re planning to do, including

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