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How to Soothe Yourself: 15 Healthy Ways to Comfort Yourself

sometimes you just want to soothe yourself. Follow these steps for dealing with tensions and irritations so you can learn how to soothe yourself.   Looking For Tools

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Bathing for Your Mental & Physical Health

Soaking in a warm tub doesn’t just feel good. Bath time can provide a wide variety of mental and physical health benefits. Here are 13 benefits of bathing.   Looking

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Why Learning About Medication Dosages Can Save Your Life

Paying attention to and following proper medication dosages is critically important to your health. Follow these tips to avoid putting your health at risk.   Looking

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Fitness Trends: Five New Fitness Trends That Will Probably Surprise You

Fitness trends tend to come and go, but often with new trends come variations to exercise that make working out more fun. Here are 5 trends to explore.   Looking

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Stomach Bloating and Gas (and) Yoga: The Yoga Solution to Bloating and Gas

Stomach bloating and gas may not be a topic you’re expecting on a blog focused on motivation and your mindset. Let’s see how yoga offers a natural solution.   Looking

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An Essential Guide to Joint Surgery

Is joint surgery or joint replacement in your future? What you do before & after surgery plays a big role in your surgery outcome Read this guide now.   Looking

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Communicating With Hearing Loss: A 10 Minute Guide for Seniors with Hearing Loss

Communicating with hearing loss can be frustrating, especially for seniors. Take a look at these 13 tips for communicating with hearing loss for seniors.   Looking

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10 Steps to Developing an Exercise Habit

It can be frustrating when you know what you want to do, or even should do, but you can’t get yourself to do it. Exercising regularly is something we all know

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Preventing Choking Made Easy

Children under 5 have the highest risk of choking, but it can happen at any age. Dr. Henry Heimlich, the surgeon who invented the Heimlich Maneuver, recently saved

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New Help for Hay Fever

The day is coming when you may be able to say goodbye to hay fever for good. The last couple of years have seen remarkable advances in immunotherapy. Instead of multiple

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The 10 Minute Guide to Mind-Body Exercise

Mind-body exercise is a term you may not be especially familiar with. Here are 8 key principles of and 7 specific workout ideas for mind-body exercise.   Looking

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Fight Slouching: How to Say Good-bye to Slouching and Hello to Good Posture

Do you struggle to fight slouching? Slouching affects more than your appearance. Here’s how to fight slouching and improve your mental and physical health.   Looking

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Playing it Safe with Skin Moles

Do you have a lot of skin moles? Most adults don’t understand what to look for to ensure skin health. Here’s to know about skin moles & the basics

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Heart Healthy Habits You Don’t Want to Live Without

Adopting heart healthy habits matters to your overall health and your quality of life. Take a look at these heart healthy practices and find the ones that work for

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Yoga Props: Don’t Buy Any Yoga Props Until You Read This

Yoga props are nice, but aren’t all necessary. Take a look at these ideas for yoga props you may want to add to your practice vs those you can do without.   Looking

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