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Why You’re Not Saving Money at The Rate You’d Like To

If you’re not saving money at the rate you’d like to, you’re not alone and your reasons for not saving money are likely pretty common.   Looking

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Understanding Savings Bonds

How well do you understand savings bonds? Read this overview of savings bonds and how they work so you can decide if they have a place in your portfolio.   Looking

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Market Timing: 5 Reasons Why Trying to Time the Market is a Bad Idea

Market timing is an alluring concept in investing, however it is also fraught with risk Here are 5 reasons trying to time the market is a bad idea.   Looking For

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How Much Money is Enough for You?

Let me ask you a question: how much money is enough for you? There comes a point that there might be a better way to spend your time than chasing more money. You’ll

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Understanding Financial Ratios and What They Reveal About Companies In Which You Are Considering Investing

If you invest in stocks and perform your own investment research, understanding financial ratios is one of the most fundamental investment skills to master. Here are

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How To Become A Millionaire In Retirement With Your 401(K)

How would you like to become a millionaire in retirement with your 401(k), or RRSP (if you happen to live in Canada)? Fewer people are able to retire at 65 than at

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6 Reasons You Need A Financial Emergency Fund And Why You Should Have Started Saving 10 Years Ago

When I first began training as a financial planner, the very first financial planning principle I was taught was the importance of building a financial emergency fund.

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7 Essential Inflation Protection Tips to Protect Your Finances Before Its Too Late

Inflation protection is essential to preserving your quality of living, yet it’s an element of personal financial planning that is commonly overlooked. If you

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Retiring Early? 4 Tips For Saving Money on Obamacare

Retiring early while ensuring you have affordable healthcare can be very difficult. If you plan on retiring early, you might find that getting insurance under the

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Why You Might Want to Wait Before You Invest in Bitcoins

Let’s discuss why you might want to wait before you invest in bitcoins. Investing in Bitcoins is a little like living in the Wild West. Here are 5 reasons you

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Invest Like the Wealthy, Even if You’re Lacking in Wealth

Assuming you want to invest and save, it is entirely possible to invest like the wealthy, even if you’re lacking in wealth. Here are 5 ways to invest like the

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8 Low Risk Ways to Invest Your Emergency Fund Wisely

Is it wise to invest your emergency fund? if so, which are the best ways to do so? After all, the point of having an emergency fund is that it’s there when you

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