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How to attract financial abundance – Six Basic Principles

Here are 6 principles to help you learn how attract financial abundance and create a wealthy mindset

How to create financial abundance
We’re very focused in our own work on learning about and deliberately applying the laws of the universe — specifically Law of Attraction — in order to attract abundance and prosperity in all aspects of our life.

Among the areas of our life we focus a great deal upon are financial abundance and wealth creation.

I’ve come to believe there is, in fact, a formula that can be applied which serves almost as a blueprint for a wealth building strategy.

A Simple Wealth Building Formula to Attract Financial Abundance

A simplistic view of the key components of such a blue print include the following.

  1. Your belief system and your relationship with money
  2. Your wealth building habits
  3. Learning to become your own advisor
  4. Becoming an active wealth builder
  5. Operating your own home based business
  6. Looking outside the box for opportunities

Your Beliefs When It Comes To Money

Your belief system and relationship with money are the first building block.  Creating wealth is 90% mindset, so utilizing tools and adopting a set of daily practices focused on cultivating a prosperity mindset are vital.

Build good habits

Your wealth building habits are the steps you build into your regular routine focused on creating wealth.  A simple example is to establish to habit of always setting aside a specific percentage of all income for wealth building.

Think for yourself

When we talk about learning to become your own advisor, what we mean is that fundamentally, no one will ever understand your personal situation as well as you do.  So while advice is a good thing, it’s up to you to learn about different vehicles and avenues so that you can have a meaningful conversation about them, direct your advisors, and make your own decisions.

Do something

Become an active wealth builder by actually doing something.  If you were a wealthy multi-millionaire, what active wealth building might you be doing?  How do you intend to become that multi-millionaire if you are not undertaking those things?

The benefits of a home based business

Establish your own home business.  With a business you have the opportunity to leverage people, time and money.  A home based business offers many tax breaks and over time can grow to more than replace your full time income.  It is much more difficult to create substantial wealth when you are trading your own time for money in a conventional job.  The more income streams you can create for yourself the better.  Bob Proctor teaches the importance of the “MSI” — multiples sources of income.

Outside the box

Finally, be willing to look outside the box.  Often the most lucrative wealth building techniques are those that are not generally known or understood by the masses.  So pay attention to opportunities that come along and don’t be dismissive just because you haven’t seen in on CNN.

Remember, one of the fundamentals of deliberately applying Universal law, including law of attraction, is “be, do, have”.

Be the master wealth builder first by adopting a wealthy mindset.  This raises your vibration and will guide you to inspired doing.  And through the repetition of being who you want to be and consistently doing what you’re inspired to do, you will come to have created  the wealth and learned how to attract financial abundance into your life.

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