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When Everything Changes Change Everything – Inspiring Book Review

When Everything Changes Change Everything book cover“When Everything Changes Change Everything” by Neale Donald Walsch took me longer to read than almost any book I’ve ever read … but that’s a good thing.

As I write this, it is back to school day for my children.

It’s a day where things change … and which therefore offers me the opportunity to, in turn, change things.

This is the core message of the Neale Donald Walsch book When Everything Changes, Change Everything.

I actually picked up the book as a Mother’s Day gift for my wife.  She enjoyed the book immensely and then gave it back for me to read.

It took me considerably longer to read than is normal for me … several weeks. That’s not because When Everything Changes Change Everything is a difficult read (it is, in fact, a very easy read), but rather because the way the book is written prompts serious self reflection.

In my case, that manifested as often taking days to process a particular idea or chapter.

When Everything Changes Change Everything is an enjoyable book to read, but it is also more than that.

As I’ve written previously, I really enjoy reading Neale Donald Walsch.  His style, temperament, and content resonate with me in a way few other authors do.

This book is not just an enjoyable read, but it is also a life changing read … if you are willing to let it be.

Walsch divides When Everything Changes Change Everything into two distinct parts, over which he reveals 9 changes you can make in your life that will change everything about how you view and deal with change. Along the way, he shares his understanding of why we may view change negatively as well as the system of the Soul.

It is Walsch’s assertion that all change you experience in life, regardless of whether it may appear good or bad, arrives because you ultimately desire the change … at a Soul level.

He further explains how all change is ultimately for the better … change is a necessary outcome of growth.  Indeed, change is life!

I found the book When Everything Changes Change Everything to be very revealing in terms how what we believe to be our truth is dependent upon our perceptions.  It is in fact, more intricate than that, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself when you read the book.

When Everything Changes Change Everything made me pause and reconsider how I’ve been dealing with recent changes in my own life and understanding how those changes, while they may feel bad because of my limited perceptions, are in fact evidence of growth and expansion.

If you are a fan of spirituality or simply looking to find deeper peace in your life, you will benefit from reading this book.

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